ŌDŌ : a path between Earth and Heaven

Between know-how and soft skills, Ôdô is a learning space dedicated to the art of Shiatsu. His approach is that of a Way. Its foundations, Nature and humans, the experience and the joy of sharing it.

Odo offers you complete training in Shiatsu, from technical foundations to the art of practice!

Our first “relaxation and tranquility” cycle is devoted to technical foundations, the discovery of Eastern thought and the development of your personal practice.

These events have already taken place, sign up to stay on the lookout for future opportunities or contact us if you would like to organize an ODO event!

A Royal Path between Earth and Sky

Ôdô, the Royal Way, puts Humans back in their rightful place, between Heaven and Earth, on a path that never stops growing.

We have the privilege of having access to all levels of energy in the body, from the most concrete to the most subtle. We stand rooted in the Earth and soaring towards the Sky, in a vertical axis which constantly mixes the tangible and the intangible, the genetic and the initiatory. Both being essential to a complete experience of the essence of life. This is where the specificity of Shiatsu lies.

Work on yourself

Ôdô is a personal Path which consists of developing an inner attitude of invitation and welcome, of working on our own vital energy to develop a supple body, a heart at peace and a clear conscience. Through practices that combine body, mind and breath, we expand the space within us to accommodate all dimensions of life.

Personal practice and experience are the real levers of an art like Shiatsu.

Sensitivity and the art of touch

Ôdô is a Way of Shiatsu, an art of care that involves touch and feeling. We work in the present moment, we place ourselves entirely in the breath and the pressure, listening to the movements of the body and the mind.

We develop our sensitivity through practices uniting the concrete with the subtle, the physical with the spiritual, the material with energy.

Passing on an experience, rediscovering our roots

Ôdô is a Way of transmission which reconnects with the chain of transmission of experimental knowledge. Learning takes place through practice, exchange and meeting with practitioners who pass on their heritage, their varied experiences and their discoveries.

Shiatsu is a Japanese Art rooted in Eastern thought, and there are its roots. It is accomplished in the search for naturalness and the right presence in the moment.

The emergence of Nature

Ôdô is a natural Way. We live and work in harmony with the cycles of Heaven and Earth. We feel the omnipresence of the movement of Life and the links that cross all of the Living, in us and around us. This is how we allow vital energy to arise and flow.

We allow spontaneous phenomena to emerge without becoming attached to them, we welcome the unpredictable and develop the art of adapting to them with flexibility and awareness.

Enthusiasts found themselves around a common desire: the sincere practice and transmission of a wonderful path. The result : Õdõ Shiatsu 

Stéphane Cuypers

Stéphane Cuypers

Shiatsu touched me and changed my private and professional life. Since then, I have tirelessly practiced and studied this astonishing art. Passionate about Japan, Oriental thought, music and sound, I try to bring all these aspects into resonance. When energy flows freely, the joy of living (re)appears.

Fabian Bastianelli

Fabian Bastianelli

I discovered shiatsu in 2000. It allowed me to understand myself better and orient myself better. I like to share this passion because the more I share, the more I discover.”

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