ŌDŌ : A way between Heaven and Earth

Focused at the same time on how to do and how to be, Ôdô is a learning space dedicated to the art of Shiatsu. Its approach is the same as a Way. Its foundations, Nature and Humankind, experience and the joy to share it. 

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A royal way between Earth and Heaven (Ôdô meaning Royal Way)

Ôdô, the Royal Way, considers the human being at his right place, between Heaven and Earth, on an ever growing flow. 

We have privileged access to all energy levels of the body, from the most concrete to the most subtle. Rooted in Earth and aspiring to Heaven we stand on a vertical axis, which is an infinite mix of tangible and intangible, genetic and initiatic aspects. Both are essential for a complete experience of life’s essence. This is the specificity of Shiatsu. 

Personal work

Ôdô is a personal way. It consists in developing an inner attitude of openness and reception, together with working on our own vital energy to develop a flexible body, a peaceful heart and a clear consciousness. Through practices bringing together body, mind and breath we enlarge our inner space, opening up to all dimensions of life.

Personal practice and experience are the real levers of the art of Shiatsu.

Sensitivity and art of touch

Ôdô is a way of Shiatsu, art of care through touch and feeling. Always working right now, we flow completely into breath and pressure, listening to the movements of body and mind. 

We develop our sensitivity through practices allying concrete and subtle aspects, physical and spiritual fields, matter and energy.

Searching for the roots, passing on experience

Ôdô is a way of transmission reconnecting with the transmission chain of experimental knowledge. Learning occurs through practice, exchange and meeting with practicioners passing on their legacy, their various experiences and their discoveries.

Shiatsu as Japanese Art has its roots in Oriental thinking. It is achieved while being natural and present to the moment.

The advent of Nature

Ôdô is a natural way. We live and work in harmony with the cycles of Heaven and Earth.  The flow of life can be felt everywhere, all that is living in and around us is interlinked. Our part is to let vital energy occur and flow. We let spontaneous phenomenons emerge without focusing on them, we welcome the unpredictable and develop the way to adapt to them with flexibility and consciousness. 

3 passionnés se sont trouvés autour d’un désir commun : la pratique et la transmission sincères d’un merveilleux chemin. Le résultat : Õdõ Shiatsu 

Stéphane Cuypers

Stéphane Cuypers

57, has been a shiatsu practicioner for 10 years in Brussels, after leading a complete career as Communications Manager in the corporate sector. His original shiatsu training has been completed at Mr Kawada’s Yoseido Shiatsu School. He then met and followed courses with inspiring teachers (Bernard Bouheret, Stephane Vien, Toshi Ichikawa, Master Ohashi, Jean-Marc Weill…). Stephane has a long time interest for Oriental thinking, particularly the Japanese culture. He has practised Aikido and Kyudo and now Shiatsu has become his life path. His shiatsu practice is threefold; the practice room comes in the first place, then transmission through Ôdô Shiatsu, both completed with research on the deep meaning of Shiatsu as Japanese Art and all the connexions you can make with many Eastern and Western disciplines.

Nicolas Poloczek

Nicolas Poloczek

Born in 1977. His adult life started with a nearly 20 years long career in the information and media sector. He had the luck to travel, and to discover many different realities, which made him change his points of view. He was practising Aikido when he met Mr Kawada in 2005.  This was followed by other encounters and experiences, satisfying by that a growing need for coherence, after which he decided to commit his life to shiatsu. The core of his work is today based on individual sessions and on the importance of transmission, through workshops and the teaching of shiatsu. His motto is : « joy, health, wisdom : one same way ! »

Fabian Bastianelli

Fabian Bastianelli

I discovered asiatic thinking aged 13 in his father’s library through books on meditation, travels to Tibet… At 19 he took part in a first meditation retreat at a Tibetan center. He discovered shiatsu in 2000 during his practice of Aikido and started studying in 2001 with Master Kawada (Yoseido Shiatsu Academy). He followed him during 10 years, first as a student, then as assistant and first year’s teacher. Another great meeting was Kyoko Kishi in 2016 with Seiki-soho. When practising, he likes to search for the cause of a symptom, feel what’s hidden and awaken the receiver to himself.

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